In today’s international business world, having people who possess both technical knowledge and “soft” (or interpersonal) skills is crucial to business image, productivity and goodwill.

Research by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation and The Stanford Research Institute shows that, in the hiring process, 85% of people hired are chosen because of their “soft skills” knowledge.

The Premiere Image provides the knowledge and the training necessary for corporations, professionals and others to develop, enhance and master professional, personal and social situations with confidence.

Our Seminars and Briefings offer interactive and instructional training on diverse subjects such as business etiquette, dress codes, dining skills, international protocol and diplomacy and much more. These courses may be customized to fit different corporate and personal needs.

The Premiere Image helps clients achieve personal fulfillment, social confidence, positive self perception, leadership development, increased productivity and profitability, by fostering exceptional personal and corporate image.

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